Self-Elongation is an exercise whereby your spine and ribcage are elongated and expanded, resulting in a decompression of asymmetrical. vertebral positioning caused by scoliosis, kyphosis, or any curve patterns progressing beyond normal measurements.

During self-elongation, we address the three planes of motion of each vertebra: 1) Sagittal Plane - restoring the best cervical and lumbar lordosis, assuring a normal thoracic kyphosis, 2) Transverse Plane – resulting in a de-rotation of the vertebra and 3) Frontal Plane – reducing of the cobb angle or side bending by being drawn upward with self-elongation. Imagine pulling on both ends of the letter “S “and the result is a reduction of the curves. When performed with your own muscles, this is self-elongation, like a turtle head coming out of its shell.

Inhalation increases self-elongation and can open the concavities (the inside of your curve), straightening your curves. Notice as you inhale, you naturally increase your height and expand your chest. This is creating forces within your body to open space in your chest cavity for increased air into compressed lungs, to increase your height, and to prepare for your spinal corrections.