21 Mar
Perfect Posture: Explore the Power of Schroth Physical Therapy

Physical therapy employs a variety of techniques to treat specific muscular problems and improve function and mobility overall. The Schroth method is an innovative physical therapy treatment method specifically addressing the upright biomechanics of global body alignment. Conservative, non-surgical, lifelong knowledge and treatment is the foundation of its approach to treating the spine and postural malalignment. In contrast to conventional physical therapy methods, it emphasizes correcting the spine in its three dimensions of movement prior to initiating targeted neuromuscular exercises, orthopedic breathing exercises, and postural alignment training. This technique stops the condition from getting worse by lengthening the trunk - establishing space between each vertebra; by de-rotating the spine - restoring normal soft tissue lengths; and by stabilizing the curvatures - strengthening the weakened muscles that allow the curves to progress. This treatment is distinctive as it employs a conscious positional awareness of your best spinal alignment, targeting the weak, inhibited muscles on one side as well as the weak overstretched muscles on the other, to awaken and function more efficiently in this best possible alignment.       

If you are searching for a non-invasive Schroth Method of physical therapy, count on In Line PT. 

I, Sharon Hallahan, RPT – SSOL Schroth Certified, SEAS Certified physical therapistam passionate about educating people about these remarkable methods and how well they work to reduce pain, slow, stop, and stabilize the progression of curves, as well as enhance breathing, posture, appearance, and quality of life. I have over thirty years of experience treating patients with back pain brought on by a wide range of spinal disorders. My experience and sincere desire to provide conscientious, high-quality care have led to a very personalized one-on-one concierge physical therapy treatment with continuous, accessible communication to guarantee comprehensive, successful, and effective treatments. I work virtually on Zoom in addition to in person from my studio.   

Advantages Of Choosing a Professional for the Schroth Method of Physical Therapy   Expertise: Schroth Method practitioners have completed specialized training and certification in this methodology. They have a thorough understanding of the method's underlying concepts and know how to use them to treat spinal curvature with various comorbidities safely and effectively.

  Effective and Safe Methods: Schroth-trained professionals are skilled in applying methods that are both safe and effective while managing all spinal conditions. By teaching proper alignment, efficient breathing techniques, and specific muscle activation techniques, their teaching helps improve posture and lessens pain resulting from all spine curvatures that move beyond  a normal alignment.   

Customized Treatment Plan: A qualified professional can perform a complete examination to determine the specific diagnosis of the patient and create a tailored treatment strategy that meets their individual needs. The particular dosage of each plan is unique to each person,  to each unique curve and varies as we modify each exercise to one’s tolerance and response.   

Continuity of Care: Working with a Schroth professional guarantees continuity of care by on-going open communication long after your visit to the studio or clinic. Scheduling appointments to assess progress and modify the treatment plan as needed is recommended for optimal longer-term results.


Beginning with a Schroth physical therapist is making the choice to begin to take control and power over your spinal condition, once and for all. Although change may be gradual, people achieve significant improvements in their overall well-being and spinal alignment by practicing consistently and following these gentle, easy to perform non-impact exercises. Through collaboration with your Schroth Certified physical therapist and dedication to the process, people can unleash the remarkable potential of this amazing physical therapy approach and establish a lifetime healthier spine.

In search of Schroth Physical Therapy? 

You will get a personalized physical therapy program at In Line Physical Therapy, LLC, that always considers every factor; your age, level of functional mobility, skeletal maturity, personal goals, comorbidities, and each unique spine curve that deviates from your normal alignment. 

So, stop searching and get started today. I will help you by providing you the control to restore the health of your spine. 

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