The Schroth Method is a gentle yet complex, neuromuscular re-training program for all spinal disorders and postural mal-alignments, including scoliosis, hyper-kyphosis and Scheuermann's disease. It has been shown to slow, stabilize and stop the progression of posturally imbalanced curves by using an individually designed, curve-specific exercise program. The treatment is guided by a Schroth-certified Physical Therapist to actively self-positioning one's body and extremities to de-rotate out of and elongate each curve, offering symmetrical muscle firing and muscle memory in that region. Pulmonary function is improved by increasing the lung capacity in one's concavities using the Schroth breathing technique.  Schroth breathing expands and ultimately reshapes the ribcage by strengthening weakened, inefficiently functioning intercostal and intervertebral muscles, improving breathing, decreasing pain, and halting the curve progression.

The SEAS (Scientific Exercise Approach to Scoliosis) Method, is the Italian approach to treat spinal mal-alignments, beginning with the patient's understanding and perception of their own posture. This treatment is unique in that it uses a group of specific exercises isolating the weaker muscles associated with each of their curves with an Active Self-Correction. This Active Self-Correction results in their best postural alignment with the reduction or elimination of their curves, which can then be incorporated anytime during their regular activities of daily living, recreational activities, school and work environments. This approach is quickly learned and easily reproduced to improve symmetry and trunk stability, decompress spinal forces, and prevent curve progression.

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