Did you know that much of your back pain is due to adapted positioning over time, and a lack of understanding of how to return your spine to it's best postural alignment? This knowledge can give you control over your pain and result in a calming of the overstretched, irritated and angry soft tissue structures. The Schroth and SEAS methods will help you learn about your particular spine's behavior and teach you how to use your own muscles to actively reposition your spine. These approaches reveal your inefficient and compensatory muscle activity, giving you the opportunity to rebalance these muscles' firing patterns and restore their symmetry throughout your day. With these approaches, you will have the chance to regain your spinal health and decrease your pain. SPINAL DISORDERS AND THEIR TREATMENTS ARE FURTHER DESCRIBED BELOW.


While "watching and waiting" may feel like your only option, there is good news! The Schroth Method to treat scoliosis is a proactive alternative that offers muscle retraining to awaken the weak and inhibited muscles in your child's curve. The goal is to stop the vicious cycle of asymmetrical loading through the vertebrae, causing asymmetrical growth of the vertebrae, then causing an increase of the spinal curve or curves. The Schroth and SEAS Methods are used to avoid surgery, by assuring the most effective neuromuscular retraining for learning and maintaining optimal spinal alignment. They are also used as tools pre-surgically, post-surgically, and in conjunction with brace wearing to best adapt the soft tissues and to invest in the best outcome. ADOLESCENT-IDIOPATHIC SCOLIOSIS AND IT'S TREATMENTS ARE FURTHER DESCRIBED BELOW.


Adult scoliosis IS treatable! You may have been told that there is little that you can do about your back pain, however, you can slow or stop a postural mal-alignment or a scoliotic curve progression, improve your lung capacity, restore your height and postural symmetry, and decrease your pain. You will learn how to align your vertebrae, expand your rib cage and re-educate and strengthen your breathing musculature and deep core musculature that are closest to your spine. When these muscles function correctly, they de-rotate and pull your vertebrae back toward midline into a neutral postural alignment, decompressing your vertebrae, optimizing the air volume your lungs, all while allowing a calming of the angry, irritated soft tissues that are causing your pain. ADULT-ONSET SCOLIOSIS AND IT'S TREATMENTS ARE FURTHER DESCRIBED BELOW.